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We know we are a little biased, but we really believe The Urban Food House has the best Pizza in Windermere. If you are visiting Bowness on Windermere and are looking for a great place to eat, that serves great pizza, has an extended menu,...

We're all hoping for a swift return from the lockdown and whilst we don't want anyone travelling until the crisis is over, we thought we'd tell you about  some amazing lunch hotspots to look forward to visiting once this current situation is over. There is a reason so many people visit the Lake District every year, it is simply beautiful! But more than that, places like Bowness on Windermere offer great food and services to locals and tourist alike! A hub of the Lakes, a beauty spot with extras is how many people see the bustling Lakeland stone clad town of Bowness, with the Lake rippling gently and the fells offering a beautiful backdrop there really is no better place to stop for lunch in the Lake District.

There’s nothing better than a homemade, freshly cooked burger to really gets the juices flowing. Burgers are the perfect, all in one meal that everyone in the family can enjoy. Enjoyed in all seasons and even more when eaten in the Lake District. Urban Food House is a restaurant in the heart of Bowness on Windermere that serves amazing burgers. Locals and visitors alike pop by to this vibrant restaurant to catch a bite to eat after a day on the fells, and burgers are one of the most popular options.

Could there really be anything more quintessentially English than spending Easter in the Lake District, home of Peter Rabbit and inspiration for Wordsworth’s famous Daffodils poem? Windermere is such a splendid place in Spring, the green shoots starting to appear, lambs in the fields, and the Lake ready to take you on some great sailing adventures if the weather should allow. Blissful, beautiful and ready to welcome you.

The Lake District is beautiful all year round – and in the winter, it will reward your walking efforts with some stunning scenery. On a peaceful, crisp winter’s day, there’s nothing better than a walk through the quiet countryside – and Windermere has some excellent walking routes to take offering some particularly spectacular views.

Daytime in Windermere is bustling, with shops, attractions and lots of things going on, but when the sun goes down in the evening, there is just as much going on, if you know where to find it! Evenings in Windermere are relaxing and enjoyable and one...

Brunch in the Lake District is a great pleasure, a nice lazy morning before heading out for brunch and then a walk in the fells or a sail on Windermere is something we all love to do, but it did get us thinking about the origins of this meal and why it is so popular.