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Why Families Love Sunday Lunch in Windermere

Windermere is a beautiful town loved by locals and visitors alike – and many of them on a Sunday look for a great place for Sunday Lunch in the Lake District and fortunately Urban Food House makes a delicious Sunday Lunch for all the family.

A Quick Sunday Lunch History

As a country, here in Britain we are a fan of traditions. Things that we all like to do at certain times and in certain ways. So much so that these traditions even seem to make their way into what we eat.

A prime example of this has to be the Sunday Lunch. A favourite up and down the UK, the idea of a Sunday Lunch as we know it is not something that you are going to be likely to see elsewhere. But where did the Sunday Lunch come from and why has it remained so popular?

Sunday Lunch in Windermere

What you may not know about the Sunday Lunch is that it dates back more than 500 years. In fact, it is first shown in the reign of King Henry VII, during the year 1485. King Henry would ask his Royal Guard to cook up a joint of beef for him on the fire, whilst he was at church. When he returned his “Beefeaters” would have cooked the meat to perfection and he would be able to eat it.

Unsurprisingly this tasty treat became popular and was duplicated by those around the King and then even further. People decided that in order to really make it into a meal that they would also cook up root vegetables, also adding dripping pudding into the oven (or Yorkshire Puddings as we call them now). It took another 300 years and then potatoes were also added into the mix, forming a Sunday Lunch as we recognise it now.

Why Families Love Sunday Lunch

Now we think that this might be somewhat of a silly question as, in our eyes, there are so many things to love about eating a Sunday Lunch that we simply could not list them all. Aside from that warm satisfaction and yummy taste; there are a variety of reasons why the Sunday Lunch has become a popular British staple.

One of the main reasons has to be that it means that you, or whoever cooks food in your house can escape from kitchen. It might only be for one night, but if you are someone who cooks the roast dinner on a Sunday, then you are going to welcome the chance to take some time off. Better yet, if you do go out for Sunday Lunch then you never have to worry about washing up.

Sunday Lunch at Urban Food House

Another great thing about having a Sunday Lunch is that it means that you can come together as a family. You can pop the phones away, turn off the TV and instead sit down and spend some quality time simply chatting with one another and enjoying each other’s company.

No matter why you love the traditional Sunday Lunch, if you want to try one that is truly delicious why not bring your family to our restaurant in Windermere and see us next time you are all feeling the hunger?